Hi. I'm Wes, a Digital Designer in Vermont

Front-end · UX · Branding · Strategy

Thoughtful web design & development and goal-oriented solutions.
I specialize in articulating visions into practical realities.

Case Studies


Retro Website for Michigan HVAC Co.

Design, Development, Strategy

Mockup Design Demo Tool

Design, Development, Strategy

Boston Montessori School Website

Branding, Style guide

Logo Revamp for Vermont Salon

About Me

Hey there! My name is Wes Carr and I love working on the web. Since 2007, I've worked with folks to get their ideas online and achieving their goals.

My work is guided by design principles, user feedback, team critiques, data, and my gut. A simple, elegant solution took a lot of work to get there.

A systems-thinker and do’er, I see not just the production tasks, but the entire product ecosystem, from the technology to the business side. We haven't reached peak design system yet, and I'm thrilled.

My sweet-spot is sitting with one foot dangling in the design pool and one in the coding pool. Uncovering problems, dreaming up solutions, then finding the best technology to solve it.

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