Hi, I’m Wes.

I’m a web designer living in Vermont. I work at an agency where I help improve their product which provides marketing for contractors. UI/UX, art direction, conversion optimization, and development.

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iMarket Solutions

Helping Contractors Succeed by Providing 200+ UI Designs

Product Design, UI/UX Design


Conversion-Optimized Retro Website for Michigan HVAC Company


Rock & Roll Daycare

Supported growth of award-winning Boston Montessori School

Design, Development, Strategy

Brady People ID

UX Methods Improve a Manufacturing Order Form

Design, UX


  • Tie to the business.
    I see not just the production tasks, but the entire product ecosystem, from the technology to the business side.
  • Design is a team sport.
    I happily join forces with developers and encourage non-designers to give their insight.
  • Don’t make (the user) think.
    This guiding light prioritizes the user and their entire experience.
  • Data-informed.
    Use appropriate research method for the project. Data can help tell the story behind design choices.
  • Code.
    Code competency doesn’t box in, it shows me the edges of constraint and inspires me to keep up with updates.
  • Explain why.
    The hidden side of design is necessary for success. Documentation, proposals, presentations to stakeholders.

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