Front-End Designer

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I’m a Front-End Designer (creating the actual designs then implementing them on the web), with a specialization in style guides.

Currently, I design websites for contractors at iMarket Solutions. We’re anti-template, so each project is designed from scratch and customized to the client’s branding. The Development team reins in my wilder ideas, and Content smooths and sands my rough words.

Here’s some recent snippets:


Design systems. UX. WordPress. The Design Community. Productive meetings. Tiny music venues. Canoe camping. Winter hiking. Fireflies and peepers. Drums not drum machines. Citizen science. Swimming. Clear writing. Barefoot on grass. Twin Peaks. Learning Polish. Daddydom. Destroying apathy. Growing food. Crêpes. Gift economy. Nick Offerman. Not obsessing over beer. Non-computer projects. Thrift. Walking sticks. Peace.