Designs, mini-projects, and notes

Lunch-Break Sacred Places

May, 2019

Each job since college, I’ve wound up finding a nearby place that became a home-base of sorts. My lunch break was a break from people and screens. Now, I didn’t set out to ‘get closer to nature’ or ‘forest bathe’ – it was something my mind and body needed in the moment and I abided.

Sunrise Method

September, 2018

UX Design for a Chinese learning app

What I Read in 2017

January, 2018

Summaries and reviews

Trust-Based Pricing

January, 2018

Thoughts about an unusual way of business.

Design Process

October, 2017

The step-by-step process I use to design websites.

Animal Tracks

September, 2017

Photos of animal tracks in the snow and my attempt at identification, taken from early 2017 to spring.

In-Law Brewing Logo

September, 2017

Branding for a new brewery in Upstate N.Y.

Designing Sites for Contractors

May, 2017

A gallery of 3 years worth of designs

Branding Projects

January, 2016

Collection of recent branding projects.

Bark Moon Challenge

February, 2017

I photographed and identified trees from their bark everyday from the time it takes the moon to complete a cycle.