We'll keep it at 4. Hi, I'm Wes, a Senior Designer currently helping home-services contractors get more leads, at a Vermont agency.

Available for freelance, in the gift.

I’ve worked with large companies like Fidelity and Sothebys, but mostly small businesses. As a design generalist, my capabilities include:

  • Design systems (creating, maintaining, using)
  • Art direction
  • Frontend chops
  • Research (AB testing, analytics, heatmaps)
  • UX writing



Data-informed and creative, I’ve helped hundreds of brands come to life and ship to millions of eyeballs. My work has been called “well imagined, thoughtfully constructed, and meticulously brand-aware.”

Sailing themed HVAC website and style guide screenshots


Have you checked all that low-hanging friut? If not, you’re probably leaving 💰 on the table. As part of a CRO (Conversion Rate Optimization) team, we improve conversion through research and analysis. Because having swanky new design is only the beginning.

Sailing themed HVAC website and style guide screenshots