Websites with Character That Convert.

Senior Designer currently helping home-services contractors get more leads, at a Vermont agency.

Available for freelance, in the gift.

I’ve worked with large companies like Fidelity and Sothebys, but mostly small businesses. As a design generalist, my capabilities include:

  • Design systems (creating, maintaining, using)
  • Art direction
  • Frontend dev chops
  • Research (AB testing, analytics, heatmaps)
  • UX writing

Designed For Character

User Interface Design →
Data-informed and creative, I've helped hundreds of clients that has shipped to millions of users. My work has been called “well imagined, thoughtfully constructed, and meticulously brand-aware.” See some examples.

Branding & Identity →
Poor branding clearly hinders a good user experience. Done well, it ties every visual part of a business together. Offerings include: style guides, touch-ups, and starting fresh.

Designed For Conversion

Analyzing effectiveness →
Optimize your website for higher conversions. I've been part of a CRO team for 4 years where I research and analyze to improve conversion and ROI. Because being thrilled about your site's new design is only the beginning. Maintenance is not unsexy and very important.

3 image collage of a site design including a style guide

Working in the Gift

A method of exchange based on trust.

The time is ripe to give alternatives a try. I know. It feels weird. It's my way of taking a step toward a world I want to live in. A world with more personal weight tied to every transaction.

There are no formal contracts. Just a consensual willingness to trust. Don’t worry - we'll still have time-lines, deliverables, and super-fun strategy sessions.

The websites and logos aren't free and value-less. They have value. What precisely that value is -- is up to you.

My day job is salaried and that offers stability to try working in the gift. A bakery/farm down the road went all in 2 years ago. They pulled their sourdough bread off the shelves and now give it away every weekend. They make enough money to meet their needs and, more importantly, are making waves questioning norms and paving the way for a fresh take on commerce.

I’ve had the honor of working on four projects so far in the Gift. We’ve exchanged branding and websites for cash, handmade beds, carved signs, beer, and bread.

Join me.

Ten logos I've created for small businesses, 4 of which were done in the gift