Sunrise Method

UX Design for a Chinese learning app

The Sunrise Method is a cutting-edge method to learn Chinese. It’s built on the idea that Chinese Characters can be broken into smaller parts (radicals and roots); each with its own meaning. Combining and removing parts create new definitions. This construction and destruction makes learning feel like a game.

I joined the Boston-based team to create wireframes and a prototype for version 2 of their mobile app. Version 1 was ugly, but had many loyal users. This proved it was something that people wanted. We surveyed users and learned there was much to improve upon.

In version 1, you could search characters by stroke number, radical, pinyin, meaning, or spatial correlation. I didn’t add new features, but bolstered the existing ones with a new UI and reorganization.

Below is a user-flow brainstorm and a clickable prototype.

Visualizing the user-flow


Link to prototype