Design Systems for Devs

Branding + style guides + design assets

Is doing design an energy drain?

When front-end isn’t your strong suite, dabbling in design can be a time-suck. What starts out as a simple task of deciding on colors ends up taking hours, and that doesn’t even include dealing with all of the font choices and decisions. I hear too many developers complain about design.

“When it comes to design, it takes me several days, and by the end of each day I'm absolutely exhausted.”

I get it. You know it’s important and it has to get done, but you hate dealing with it. Maybe you’ve tried hiring out design before and it didn’t work out – the designer was too fickle and the process dragged on.

What if you could find a designer who offered streamlined process, a fixed scope, and a guarantee to beat deadlines?

Hi, I’m Wes and I created this service for developer founders.

My services are perfect for technical folks who work with markup and styles - people who need a lightweight solution that avoids scope creep, not a full-time designer. Whether you consult on digital projects, manage projects, or focus mainly on the engineering, my services are a great option to save you time and maybe even a few headaches.

Hire a craftsman for the finishing work, within a fixed scope.

Stay in your flow with easy-to-implement design assets and styles. Here’s what you’ll get if we work together:

  1. Quality work from an experienced designer

    I’ve designed and developed for over 10 years on hundreds of custom themed sites. From start-ups to multi-million dollar companies, I’ve experienced a little bit of everything.

  2. A knowledge of designing for the web

    I’m comfortable working alongside developers. I understand how design assets need to exist in a responsive environment.

  3. An accountable project partner

    You and I will check-in regularly with progress updates. I may need more info from your client to complete a section, so I can either help guide client research or to talk with clients directly.

  4. Clear deliverables

    Revisions and deliverables will be 100% clarified before we begin. “Do you want 3 background graphics, a style guide, 8 icons, a heading, and body font? Great, here you go! Implement them and let me know if they need tweaks.”

Pretty standard design workflow

  1. We clarify the exact deliverables.
  2. You gather any lingering information from the client for design work.
  3. We iterate back and forth until we both agree that the project is awesome.
  4. You implement the design layer and move on with your project.

Three pillars of a robust design system

Every project is bolstered by a strong design backbone. The stronger the foundation, the easier future design decisions will be. Investing in a design system will save money long term. Your future self will appreciate the easy updates.
  1. Branding

    This is the foundation. The other pillars (style guide and design assets) draw from the branding’s colors, imagery, style, and fonts. An established identity helps with cohesion. You know that stage of a project where you’re close to wrapping it up, but something feels off? Branding closes that loop.

  2. Style guides

    This is the application of the branding to your project. Here, we flesh out a glossary for fonts, text hierarchy styles, menu style, button colors, links, hover states and more. The style guide not only helps with your current project; it minimizes the need for additional though when adding or editing the site in the future.

    The guide will tell you how to style any change, any button added, any section removed, or any shift. Basically, it answers all your design questions in one easy to use guide.

  3. Design assets

    These are actual files that relate to the branding and style guide. Every project requires unique deliverables, so I offer three packages with different options. That might be 2 abstract background images, 1 tiled background image, and a 10 icon set. They’re ready to implement, in whatever format you need.

Let’s take a look at that project of yours!