Rock & Roll Daycare

My Role: Design, Development, Strategy

Supported growth of award-winning Boston Montessori School


One of my freelance clients was starting a new venture. Since we collaborated on a different music academy website, much of the functionality was able to be reused. The design goals were to increase sign-ups and provide info to existing customers. The back-end required the ability to add faculty, update availability, and edit content sections. The old and new one would be using WordPress.

Available Resources

I wore all of the required hats: design, development, mailchimp integration, and ongoing support. For the other music academy site, I joined forces with a developer. The client supplied all content.

Process & Timeline

  1. Define the scope and timeline for both parties
  2. Design blocky wireframes to focus broadly
  3. Complete style guide to touch on the details
  4. Develop beta site
  5. Connect mailing list and create email marketing strategy
  6. Launch and deliver documentation: WordPress Tips and Website Manual
  7. Maintenance and updates during our 2 year relationship.


Style guide

Beta site

What did I learn?

The most challenging part of the project was expanding the site’s capabilities as the business grew. They began with one location and added three more. The growth meant more faculty roles tied to particular locations. I felt over my head and reached out to developer friends who set me back on the right path. With their help a solution was delivered. It was a reminder for me of the importance of your actual social network.

Deliverables: Site design, Custom WordPress Theme, WordPress Manual, Website Manual, Email integration