Logo Revamp for Vermont Salon

Branding, Style guide


Orbit needed more refined logo, but wanted to keep with the existing theme. The outdated one no longer aligned with their business. They were getting a new website and wanted to present the brand in a fresh, modernized, classy way. I was brought in by the developer for design support.

Before – After

Solution and Takeaways

I designed a new logo with more sophistication and less silliness. The client wanted to move away from red, so I found a blue/grey that felt spacey. ORBIT now stands on a flat, non-goofy plane, and the item in orbit is more of a focus. The second line became more elegant with narrow uppercase with spacious kerning. The fonts used were easily transferable to the web. The site was built and the client’s brand was updated to better match the company.

It felt refreshing to separate the project roles on a relatively small job like this. The developer handled the project management. I was surprised by my keen interest and strong pull to lend a hand in strategy and management, but I managed to sit it out and work within my dedicated part.

Deliverables: logo variations, stylized text images, vector file, favicon, touch icons, style guide, fonts, color scheme

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