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My Role: In-House Developer (1 year) & Designer (3 years)

Helping Contractors Succeed by Providing 150+ UI Designs

Below I’ll outline my contributions to a iMarket. The 4 big ones were Custom UI Design / Art Direction, Product Improvements, Documentation, and Conversion Rate Optimization. Disclaimer: this isn’t a case-study as much as an extended resume-piece.

The Company

iMarket offers marketing and strategy to small to midsize contractors. They have a large list of ongoing clients and earned the Inc 5000 the last 4 years. It’s made up of 50 people between offices in Vermont and California, and remote workers.

They’ve matured much since I joined at their 4 year mark. Silos of design, development, and content have eroded reducing the lorem ipsum I put out into the world. They’ve become discerning when choosing clients, have shortened site-build time tremendously, and even have plans to hire an HR role.

iMarket’s logo and awards for growth

Custom UI Design / Art Direction

Constraints stimulate innovation

My primary charge was to design sites that provided leads to contractors — essentially the same site over and over again. That constraint supported my growth as a designer through encouraging resourcefulness and inventiveness. Other constraints were annoying at first but ended up giving that little push toward innovation, such as:

To demonstrate my various solutions to the same content, take a look at the links at the bottom of this article.


Each design was on a very tight deadline, compared to other agencies. With the client expectations and branding assets in-hand, I designed a static homepage and subpage mockup. I wore the art direction hat to evoke the right emotion for our client’s audience, and the UI hat to execute that connection using visuals.

What sets iMarket apart from competitors is their long development timeline. This allows, and is mandatory, for the non-templated customization we were doing.

Product Improvements

Bigger breakthroughs took place outside of client deadlines. Often, innovation begins with questioning the norm — something that comes naturally to me, for better or worse. My improvement highlights include: rejuvenating legacy pages, adding a high-converting mini-form to all pages, introducing grids to development, upgrading a design demo tool, and building live prototypes of form updates (float labels and expandable fields).

When I started, the designs were not yet part of the responsive bandwagon. Now, because of incremental updates, I can honestly say iMarket’s sites are stronger and faster than most competitors. Here’s the collective process each update follows:

  1. Brainstorm with Design Team
  2. Create proposal for stakeholders (Customer Experience, Development, Programming)
  3. Iterate with everyone involved (Offer interactive prototypes if needed)
  4. Deliver proposal and test

A loyal client’s initial 2013 design and recent 2018 upgrade. Notice the decrease in clutter and increase in white-space.

Creating Documentation

I was the first designer in our department. As we grew, it became crucial to share what was in my head with the team. This helped not only with onboarding new designers, but with bringing design into the light and giving it a seat at the table.

I created key document that unified our messaging in-house and when talking to clients, such as:

Conversion Rate Optimization

I lead a project introducing Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) to the company. The outcome was a protocol for researching web analytics and heatmap data to find opportunities for conversion optimization on our clients’ websites. After following the process, you end up with a hypothesis for a high-ROI design change. Then, it’s presented to the client, put in place, and tested.

I loved the union of data-informed and gut-informed design. I’m proud of this project because its potential was evident. It resulted in the formation of a CRO team and a plan for a stand-alone CRO product.

Go Team

Every accomplishment with my name on it should have a giant asterisks thanking relevant departments and leadership. I’m looking at you Development, Programming, SEO, CX, SEM, Content, Email Marketing, and Social Media. Thanks.

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