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School of Groove Website

July, 2014

School of Grove needed to rebrand, reorganize and refocus their growing music school website. Together, a developer, their team, and I defined what should stay and what should go. Working with google docs allowed SoG move through the content auditing process without being distracted by the old site, and without emails. The results were; A […]

school of groove

B&B Website and Branding

March, 2011

Becky had new ownership of a big house in Marblehead, MA. I created branding and a website to help her market it. The brand new b&b achieved summers of full-booked success. Users had the ability to reserve a room online. Becky could update images and copy herself, with her custom WordPress theme. The house’s history, as well as Marblehead in […]

marblehead on harbor branding

Various Print Work

January, 2011

Various Vector Work

April, 2010

Data visualization of hiking progress of the 48 4,000 footers in New Hampshire Old running shoes Scott McMicken andToby Leaman of Dr.Dog Compiled all internet knowledge of my family crest into one. The motto: Late, but in earnest.